Wednesday, April 9, 2008

need help?

My friend Jenny who’s currently in CA with her family is having a major problem. His brother Marc has been caught by her father using marijuana. Her family was devastated about what happen. They never thought that their only boy has been addicted to such dangerous drugs and they don’t really know how long he’s been like that.

So, to set things straight, we decided to put him in drug rehabilitation. I also feel so sad when I heard the news, that’s why I’m currently online to help Jenny find a good drug rehab for her brother drug treatment.

Luckily, I came across Chapman House Inc. This website you can see the details the addiction treatment services they offer and provides information on their adult addiction treatment center, drug rehab facility and their exclusive adolescent program located in Orange County, California. Their wide range of options includes treatment for co-existing disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction, food addiction and eating disorders and more. They also offer family intervention, psychological testing, drug testing and other services to help end addiction. They also offer 12-step drug rehabilitation and drug detox facility that focuses in helping people in their addiction.
When I saw this site, I immediately told Jenny about this site and relayed some information that might help her and her family. I also told her that she can contact the site 24/7 because they offer 24 hours customer support and guidance, where she can ask questions that concerns about her brother’s condition. Their 24 hours customer services entertains questions that is related to detoxification, drug intervention, addiction and inpatient drug treatment for adults, co-existing disorders and our exclusive inpatient program for adolescents. Jenny couldn’t thank me enough for what I did. By next week, they will be a schedule appointment with the institution.
If you know someone that needs help and need rehabilitation, tell them that Chapman House Inc. is here to help.


orange county sober living said...

Addiction should never be neglected and family or friends should give support on who's suffering drug addiction. Such case can never be treated or handled easily especially if his doing the treatment on his own. You did a great thing for showing concern and helping your friend's brother.