Friday, January 28, 2011

After 3 years

This is my daughter Lyka.

She’s really big now for she just turns 3 last September. It was just like yesterday when I was still cuddling her with my two arms.

Now all she does is play, play roam, roam and shout. Lol!

Well, that’s how kids are and I have to live with that. :)


che said...

you baby is soo adorable


Jodi said...

Just found your site through Adgitize! I am a new follower of yours. Please stop by and follow back when you get a chance. :-)

Make sure you stop by both my blogs on Thursday...I have a hop on each one.

Have a great night!

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Mona said...

She's cute she's like my daughter turns 3 last november naman. See her in my blog :)

Edsie said...

you have a really cute daughter!! :)

i hope you could visit my page.. and if you want, we could exchange links..

see yah!!
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JOYIEandJP said...

What a very adorable kid. Oh, just followed you. Follow me back..Thanks

Pinoy Working Mom said...

Children just grows fast. Before you know it, they are already adults. Haay, time really flies fast.

Btw, I have tagged you with a Stylish Blogger Award, you can check it at

Happy blogging.

Elvira's Roundabout said...

time flies so fast, you wouldn't know that your baby is a grown up.