Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Choosing the Right Hair Care Products

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I got in touch but what the heck what’s important is that I’m back!lol!

I was up early today for I have some unfinished business online that I need to settle before lunch time. Also, I was also checking out some Aveda Hair Products that my sister was asking me to review and tell her if they are worth the purchase. She actually wanted to try the Aveda Be Curly Conditioner but I’m not really sure if it’s a good buy because first of all I haven’t tried it and secondly I’m a loyal fan of Bumble and Bumble and not Aveda.lol!

But for her to get some information about it, I’ve done researching and fortunately it has some great reviews with five star rating as well. One consumer even sited that results can be seen with your own eyes after use. Not only that, the item is currently on sale where one can save about $5 from a 6.7 ounce tube. Hmm.. I think that alone is good enough for me. Lol!

I just hope that alone can also convince my sister about the conditioner and will stop bugging me about it. Anyways, I’m finish with that, it’s time for me to check out my own stuff. I will browse the internet for some cheap MoroccanOil treatment that I will use for my homebased hot oil treatment. :)