Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ice Cream makes me Whole :)

One of my favorite desserts is ice cream – Chocolate ice cream to be specific. Lol!

Since I was I child ice cream can give me the smile after an episode of crying over a Barbie fight. Will definitely give me the boost to do my assignments after a whole day of boring lectures and will heal my heart after an unsuccessful relationship.

Yup! It was and is still my favorite food in the world. That’s why I’m not wondering why my daughter loves it as well. Look! :)

Like Mother.. Like Daughter..

Xoxo! :)


Mama Mia said...

Hehehe...your daughter is so cute!!!

Ice cream is indeed a universal favorite. :)

Clara said...

I used to think that ice cream - chocolate for me, too - was the most perfect food. I could eat it every day - maybe every meal. For health reasons, I decided to try eating like a vegan. The first thing I decided to give up was dairy. This result wouldn't be the same for everyone, but for me it was the most miraculous thing! The fog and lethargy left in just a few days. I was so amazed. I haven't had a bite of ice cream since. And my overall health has improved dramatically, too. My a1c is 5.9 (normal range), my cholesterol is down from 200 to 160 and my triglycerides down from 287 to 123 (150 is normal).

I hope you continue to enjoy that chocolate ice cream. I'll happily give you my share.

BTW, your daughter is really cute!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

cute kahit messy hehe

katy said...

hi have a cute daughter..anyway, can we exchange links?