Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stylish and affordable Nursing Scrubs and Nursing pants |

Maybe some of you are looking for nursing scrubs online? Well, it’s your lucky day!

My cousin Kathy is a nurse and I just had a chat with her a while ago about their scrub clothing. You see, since she started her duty as a nurse in a public hospital near our place, she hasn’t purchased a new set of uniforms for her to use. Apparently, she needed to save money a bit for the first few months of her nursing job are voluntary which means no pay. They needed that as a new nurse for them to get hired on private hospitals which pay more than government owned hospitals.

After a few months (I’m not sure how many) she was finally paid! Urgh! Finally! Now, she can buy new sets and upon receiving her money she just ordered some scrub pants and tops online. She preferred it online for convenience and of course for style and affordability. She showed the items to me and I could say they are pretty good for a cheap price. Where you might ask? Well, at where else! You can check them out for yourself and see what I’m talking about. :)