Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Need of Metal Lockers

I’m currently looking for locker for sale. Well, it’s not for my personal use, my sister ask me to browse on metal lockers because they needed it at their work place. Apparently, she was promoted from being a office clerk to a purchasing assistant (assistant to the purchasing officer) and one of her big tasks right now is for her to get a good quotations on metal lockers to be installed on employees room. A good quotation means getting good quality employee lockers at a very affordable price. Well, that is what her boss said.

But unfortunately, it has been 3 days since her internet at home has been down and sadly her computer at work has no internet connection as well. That’s why she asked my help about it. She needs to submit as many locker quotations she can gathered for her boss to study and choose. Her deadline is tomorrow! What a rush, huh? So I really have no choice but to help her with it. Good thing, I have two laptops for us to use today and hopefully by the end of the day we can finish everything. Urgh! Wish us luck guys! :)


Paul said...

Try Office Depot?