Friday, February 8, 2008

Bath Products for Lyka

Lyka will be on her 5th months later this month, so you see that I'm really so excited that my baby girl is growing beautifully like me! lol!

Kidding aside, I was wondering what to buy her for her bath time play. I was planning to buy her some toys that can stimulate her senses.

So, I tried to search and saw these cuties online and loved all of them. But I can't afford to buy all of them. :( Buti nalang I had a chat with her ninang Faye, who is based in Torrence and she promised to buy her those cutie toys that I saw as a christmas gift for Lyka! Yes, long overdue na ung gift nya heheheh! Yipeey! Nakatipid lol! But of course, I only have to pick 3 toys (nakakahiya kung lahat db? nahiya pa ako) :)

She said that I have to choose before the week ends para she can include them in her package when she gets home by March here in the Philippines.

So, can you guys help me choose the best of 'em all?

Foam letters and numbers, from Little Tikes, stick to tile.

Splash Pad
Fisher-Price's Rainforest Bath Center comes with a newborn insert plus a toy frog and monkey.

Light Reading
Sandra Boynton's new Bath Time! book ends with a squeak.

Food Chain
Fish Food, from Little Tikes, is three strainers that nest together.
Chicco's Splashing Frogs are joined on a string.

Little Squirts
Sea Squirties from Elegant Baby come in a pack of eight.