Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my best gift ever!

My Tita Cel’s birthday is coming up this March 6, she will be in her 40th year so this is really a special birthday bash for her. She’ll be celebrating her birthday at Unichef here in our place, a nice place for a special occasion. But I have one major problem, up to now I haven’t bought anything for her, God! Only less than 2 weeks to go, whew! What a crammer! She’s really gonna kill me if I won’t give her anything this time. Lol!

Anyways, she’s into antiques and other unique collective items. But they are far too expensive for me to buy. I mean, you know how much they are right? But I really want to give her something very special and very unique for her 40th birthday. But what? What do you think should I buy her? Hmm, maybe I should search online, many best buys can be found there.

Today, I did search for the best unique gift deals online and I was so happy that I came across
AfrikBoutik - African Art & Gifts, it’s an online store that specializes in African art & gifts. It sells different kinds of Authentic African products that anyone would love. From bags, necklace, sculpture, masks and many more that anyone would truly adore. All of the items are the creation of their finest craftsmen available, and are representative of authentic African culture. All of their artisans handcraft their native art, clothing and jewelry, in the traditions of the people and tribes where the art originated. Here you can find many opportunities to purchase quality gifts for your home, your friends and yourself. You can definitely shop with confidence, because every purchase is backed by their guarantee of authenticity, and their unconditional money-back guarantee policy. Wow, what an offer! Not only that they offer a variety of great products, they also have a monthly blogger contest that a blogger like me will surely join! Plus, they really fit my budget and taste. Tita Cel will surely love these precious to add to her collections, oh just can't wait for her birthday !