Friday, February 15, 2008

Time for Plan B

Last year, my cousin Jenny, who is a single parent, told me that she plans to start saving money for her baby’s 1st birthday this coming February 23. She was so excited that she kept on updating me on how much she had saved. She was planning to celebrate Tricia’s (her baby) at very distinctive dine-in here in our place.

Unfortunately, due to some inevitable circumstances she had spent the money she saved for an urgent family emergency. Other than being the sole provider of her child, she is also the bread winner of the family. God! Thanks to her work where she earns a lot of cash (Well, good thing she currently got a high paying job) she was able to support her family and baby for the last few months.

But now, she has a major problem! Tricia’s birthday is just a few days away and no sight of any cash! Worst, her payday is due on the 29th day of the month! Good thing, I was able to browse in on a dependable
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Join my friend Jenny and solve all your cash problems.


Anonymous said...

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I noticed a picture of baby in your blog is that your cousin's son/daughter? cute baby....