Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I was approved by bloggerwave!

Yipeey! I'm so happy, it's been a while since I got online and when I opened my email this morning, I saw an email message from bloggerwave stating that my blog has been approved! Yes, finally! Now, I can join the paid blogging wagon and I can’t wait to post more from them!

Bloggerwave is aiming to be Europes biggest advertsing media on blogs. With bloggerwave you can have the privilege on earning extra money online while blogging. Wow! This is really great. Imagine you can earn lots of dollars while doing what you love best!

So, what are you dudes waiting for? I you haven’t got hooked with bloggerwave yet don’t waste your time anymore. Sign up now!


Anonymous said...

congratulations Lhen!
got u tagged bu the way..:)

Vanniedosa said...

please add my other link:)

happy weekend:)