Saturday, February 16, 2008

malling time!

I feel so refreshed whenever I'm with my family.

Especially when we had a chance to go to the mall for some shopping action! lol! Here are some of our pictures that we shot:

* my chubby baby Lyka *

* daddy & Lyka *

* harap ka sa camera baby *

* look alike ba? ganda namin noh, hehe :) *

Oh! time will come and Lyka will grow up pretty soon, I'll definitely miss these days, especially when she's no longer a baby. :(


Name: Edz said...

like mother like daughter for now. but for sure pag lumaki laki pa baby mo sis, mas maganda na sya sayo, hehehehe. ganun naman daw eh, mas maganda ang bunga..

Anonymous said...

hi Lhen!
cute naman ni baby.. oo nga noh, u look alike! :)
tagged you here pala.. -->

Lhen said...

Edz - > Oo nga sis! sure ako mas maganda cya sa akin! heheheh, thanks sa comment ha :)

Lhen said...

Vannie -> Thank u so comment sis! I'll do the tag soon sis! Thanks uli! :)