Saturday, March 1, 2008

can't wait to fly!

We are planning to have a short trip to Bangkok this July. Hopefully, it will push thru because this will be our very first trip outside the country as a family and I’m so so so excited about it! lol! Especially now, that Lyka is here to come along. I just hope that Mike’s (my hubby) leave will be approved and off we go! “crossing my fingers” . Hmm, and I still don't know if my MIL & FIL will come along as well. If so, it will be fun of course, especially if they willingly offer to pay some of the expenses! lol! Kidding aside, it will be a great time for us to bond even more after some untowards events in our lives as a family.

But of course before the trip, I have to settle some important matters. First on my list is the booking of our flight. Second will be the hotel where we’re staying, the cars for the tours plus a tour guide! Do we really need that? lol! Gosh, I have so many things to settle, I just hope everything will be fine a week before our flight!

Good thing, I came across Hotel This site can be your one-stop- booking guide. From hotels, flights, cars, vacation packages and vacation rentals. The also have a comprehensive guide for our trip, so I don’t need to hire any tour guide huh! lol! They also have a list of the best vacation packages that we can avail. Goody!
With regards to the cost, they definitely offer the best competitive price in the web, and oh don’t forget about their discounts that are offered worldwide. This really made my ear flaps! lol! And here’s the greatest deal I saw, we can book our flight online and save more money for it!
Oh, I want to dial their toll fee hotline now to make some reservations and save more. Of course, we need more money for our shopping spree. lol! But I can’t because my hubby’s leave hasn’t been approved yet. Oh, well I still have to wait for that. But if ever, this I will make this trip the best ever, with the help of Hotel everything is possible.

This site is really heaven sent! I just can’t wait to fly!