Tuesday, March 4, 2008

lyka @ 4 months old

Here are some pictures of Lyka @ 4 months...

She's so "likot" lately, I got a feeling nga that she lost some grams due to her "biboness", db oh look at her she's so thin na! hahahaha :)

Love you baby!

Btw, that's me on the background hehe :)


Name: Edz said...

so cute. i hope i could have one more baby girl like Lyka, your baby.. hehehehe.

jean said...

so cute! tabachingching like me. heheheh

Lhen said...

Edz- cge sis go ka nah habang young pa tyo heheh :)

Jean - hi sis! thanks sa comment! mana sa mommy! lol! :)