Tuesday, March 11, 2008

one step closer to our dream car!

Me and my hubby dreams of buying our dream car within the year. But unfortunately, our savings is not enough to buy a new SUV that he craves for a year now. So, we thought of applying for a car loans. But we’re having second thoughts about it because we haven’t tried any loans, especially with regards to cars in that matter. So, we’re quite afraid to indulge on it, especially I know someone who had her loans but had a hard time paying now because of some undeclared additional charges that her financing agent ask her to pay.

Fortunately, her SIL told her about this great auto loan site. This site is the internet’s preferred source for auto loans and auto financing. They are dedicated on giving its consumers the best rates no matter what auto loan they wish to apply. They also have 3 different auto loan type- loan for new cars, loan for used cars and refinancing of old auto loan. Well, as for us we’re looking for the possibility of joining her apply in this auto loan site, and might try applying for a loan for new cars. As with my friend, she just applied a while ago on refinancing his old auto loan.

Best of all, they work with the nation’s top lenders to offer its consumers the lowest interest rates available with affordable monthly payments to match.

Oh, I just can’t wait to tell Mike about this one, hopefully he approves it and will be on our way of owing our dream car! I’m so excited!